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    Every year at Autodrome we buy and sell some of the most sought-after Classic Automobiles ; not many, and not necessary expensive, but always with an exceptional value and historic importance.  

Our policy is simple and unchangeable : for any given model, to offer the best example available, and at a most affordable price. Believe it or not, profit is far from being our main motivation. This means painstaking screening, demands lots of time and a sharp judgment acquired through fourty year-plus experience. Clients often purchase more than one car from Autodrome, maybe be because it is rare to find elsewhere the same combination of trust, competence and committment.


Here is a selection among the most beautiful and most desirable ones...





A Masterpiece of the XXth Century : the two prototypes CD-Panhard 1964 are among the most beautiful cars ever created


We acquired the first one ten years ago, then the second one ; we decided that those marvelllous cars should remain close to the Le Mans race track


An important French Collector is now in charge of them - a treasure of engineering and craftsmanship, and a milestone in racing cars aerodynamics




Facel-Vega-Facel-6-autodrome    Facel-Vega remains mythical for classic cars enthusiasts. Jean Daninos created some of the best GT of his time, challenging the established constructors like Ferrari, Aston Martin and even Rolls Royce. This wonderful and rare Facel 6, the only 6-cylinder Facel model, is now in the collection of a French connoisseur...



    The Barzoï is a very attractive berlinette with gullwing doors, created by the Frenc constructor Fournier-Marcadier (later Marcadier). The most sought-after version is the one with engine in central position. Collectors appreciate the ultra-light construction, the originality of the concept, and the thrilling driving experience.



    The mythical Lamborghini motorcycle does exist ! We have accepted to lend our 900 cc example to the Schlumpf Museum, and this exceptional bike has soon been aquired by an enthusiast visitor... However, as Lamborghini specialists since the seventies, we own another example in our collection : please enquire in case you would like to know more.


    This Jalpa was kept twenty years in a safe, dry garage, and was a unique opportunity to acquire a "little Countach", actually, very close in performance to her elder sister, but much more affordable tu buy and to maintain. A bargain for our Client who came himself from a remote Northern Country to pick it up at our premises. Our example was one of the very first ever made, still in her original coulour scheme.


    Autodrome associates are of course collectors themselves. This Matra-Bonnet Djet VS preserved as delivered by the factory has been pampered several years in France. Our Associate sold it directly and personnally to an European enthusiast who'll take car of her and enjoy a thrilling driving experience. Picture : Autodrome ex-owner makes sure loading is safe for a long distance shipment.


    Lotus experts and enthusiats know the value of the rextremely rare Europe Series 1 (with non-opening windows and bonded chassis). This is the second example that we sold, and this time also to a true Lotus fanatic and conoisseur, owner of a 26 R, Eleven, Elite Type 14, and more...This beauty will soon recover her orignal white colour. A thrilling experience when driven fast on open roads.



    This 350 GT was the ninth Lamborghini ever built, and was probably road-tested before delivery by Ferruccio himself and by Paolo Stanzani - these very first cars were crucial: the "secret weapon" of Lamborghini to challenge Enzo Ferrari, absolute king of luxury sports cars in the sixties. Specific construction details make these early cars particularly desirable. A Scandiavian connoisseur is the new happy owner.


    The Urraco P300 is "the" Urraco - the earlier P250, with a smaller, less powerful and less reliable engine, is much more common and less sought-after. This P300 is ready for a nice restoration. An expert Italian Collector, who owns many other Lamborghinis, quickly decided to acquire this extremely attractive and rare (only 200 built) Classic.


    Some call her "the petite Lusso"...and it is true that her DNA is pure Ferrari. Style by Giugiaro, chassis by Bizzarrini, and the smallest Ferrari engine in History. A very exciting Italian GT for any serious Collector. We sold her with only a few miles since the restoration was completed. A true delight for then next owner.

    When a classic car leaves for a new home, you feel the strong attachement that one can etablish with an "object"...Unlike many others, this automobile is more than just a car, since it belonged to Signor De Nora, the founder of the make ASA, with his friend Enzo Ferrari...So well-preserved after half a century, it seems ready to jump to the road, and roar ! Only the acquisition of another classic can cure the feeling of parting with her.

    Ferrari ? Maserati ? No, Sir : Alfa-Romeo... but with sublime Touring elegance. Classics designed by genius Bianchi-Anderloni are more and more sought-after. This swan's song straight-six-powered Alfa-Romeo 2600 Spider has been acquired by an Eastern-Country conoisseur.

   Many of us dream of a Ferrari or Lamborghini V12,... But both makes have also created magnificent GTs with V6 and V8 engines, and, as far as the Urraco P250 is concerned very rare (520 built). Its 3-litre V8 is placed in a transversal position as in Miura. Our example has been built by a collector before the restoration was completed, and for a very attractive price.

    Very few Aston Martin DB2 Vantage have remained unrestored ; we bought this one in France after several years of dry and careful storage. Its new owner will participate in the 2017 Mille Miglia.

   The Countach LP400S Series 1 is a more outrageaously styled than the "periscopica", but shares its low body design and low suspension, hence its knickname "Low body" ; most Collectors rate it as the "second best". We acquired this one as soon as we could and she has now found a new happy owner outside France.

    The Alpine challenger ! Our fully-restored Jidé 1600 S powered by the famous Gordini engine found in the Alpine 1600S. But the concept of this wonderful berlinetta is indeed close to the Ford GT40...Monsieur Jacques Durand achieved his Masterpiece with this thrilling road-legal race car. A very discerning Belgium connoisseur decided to add this extremely rare piece to his important Collection.

    We have owned several Facel 2, and every time it's a privilege. This RHD example was maybe the best : completely restored by Lecoq. What a beauty...We will miss her...

    Our Lancia Flaminia has now a new (British) owner. At this price, it was a true bargain, and time will only confirm the excellence of this choice. Those Superleggera/Touring bodied Classic GT are among the most elegant and beautiful cars of their time.

    The mighty Pantera GT5-S, last of the breed: impressive styling, specific all-steel bodywork and very rare, expecially in original condition (many GT5S have been altered). The new owner will have a difficult decision to make : whether to use or not the optional rear wing !

    Our DBS was one of only 72 Vantage ever built by Aston Martin. A Left-Hand drive example with ZF gearbox, Air-Conditioning, power- steering ... there are opportunities not to miss !

    Only 40 happy Collectors enjoy the privilege of driving the ultimate V8 Classic Aston Martin: the mighty "Le Mans" is the culmination of the Aston golden years before it was bought by Ford. We sold three of these phenomenal cars : this one, finished in Black is the last Le Mans delivered (in 2012) to a Middle-East VIP, and therefore simply the last Classic, pre-Ford Aston Martin ever delivered...only 3000 km.

    The reconstruction of this rare Islero 400 GTS started a few years ago. Some clients hesitated to buy, although the value was very low, half of what is is today...A famous Lamborghini collector just decided to acquire this wonderful V12 classic before the work was completed... and before the market price rises further -  as for all Classic Lamborghinis nowadays. of the most fabulous cars of the XXth Century. It would be impossible today to create and sell such a "crazy" automobile. Most Ferruccio's masterworks are now avidly sought-after in the whole world. A Bugatti/McLaren/Rolls Royce dealer bought this one from us for one of his foreign clients.

    A Right-Hand drive Lamborghini Countach is very rare. This LP5000 S, restored as new, and finished in a unique, striking colour scheme (yellow/white leather) was acquired without hesitation by a British Collector.

    This exquisite Lamborghini Miura sold by Autodrome Paris was shipped in a very special van. Even though the restoration was not completed, the buyer was determined, and we agreed to provide the (renewed) spare parts, ready for assembly. This car will be a delight when this gentleman will turn the key...


    We were proud to sell this Lamborghini Miura thoroughly restored by the best specialists. Of course more expensive than other Miuras of a lesser quality, this automobile also received rare upgrades : split-sump lubrication, ventilated brakes discs. A joy to own and to drive. This exampleis one of the earliest Miura in existence.

    A vintage Racing Lamborghini ? Excessively rare, only a handful exist. This impressive LM002 participated in the Dakar Rallye in 1996. The new owner will restore this mighty Countach V12- powered Classic AWD to its original racing glory.

    The French-made Fournier-Marcadier Barzoï is a rare Renault-powered berlinetta with Gullwing doors. These small road-legal racing cars are re-discovered by Collectors. Our well-preserved example has been acquired by a US Collector (owner of some of the best Racing and Sports cars like rare Alfa Romeo TZ1, Porsche 962, and the like).


    The Countach LP400 "persicopica" challenges rationality and measure ; no words can explain the sheer aesthetical emotion that this automobile generates when you see it in the street. After a couple of years (perfect restoration takes time), we were so in love with her, that we could only accept a very exceptional conoisseur as the next owner.

    The mysterious PMS Barchetta is a fascinating creation : the only race car in History with mid-engine and front-wheel drive... We bought it before knowing anything about it, just to preserve it from destruction. After several years we are proud to say that this unique racer will be restored, by an enthusiast Italian Collector who bought it from us. Looking forward to see it on the track !

    We recently sold this DBS - straight 6 Vantage LHD for the second time, after we bought it back from our client. In a couple of years, market has changed and price was higher; However, a top example as this one quickly found a new home -  a true Aston enthusiast and Collector.

        The 308 GTB Vetroresina is now one of the most coveted Classic Ferraris - a true sport Gran Turismo : two-seater, central engine, lightweight fibreglass bodywork, and extremely rare : only 500 have been built in European version( LHD and dry sump lubrication). Our example, very special with original black paint, has been acquired by a Japanese enthusiast, owner of a very impressive Classic Collection.

    The LP400 Mardikian is famous, and pictured in History books about Laborghini. We acquired it years ago, whilst many thought it had been lost or destroyed. The new owner will restore it to its original LP400 "narrow" shape. Just before shipment, as a first step for the restoration, we had already fitted the narrow period wheels. It will soon get back its full glory...

      We bought this Lotus Elite in a rather sad condition, without knowing its history.... But our patient History research revealed that she had won several races back in the 60 in Portugal, driven by Achilles de Brito, now deceased. We managed to get in touch with his son : as soon as he was informed, he came from Portugal to buy this wonderful Elite. To make things even better it's a rare S2 with Bristol bodywork, and left-hrand drive..


     This Lancia Flaminia designed by Touring is a sublime combination of audacity and craftmanship - one of the best automobile designers, Carlo Felice Bianchi Anderloni created this timeless design. The Superleggera bodywork construction technique remains today a most sought-after feature for Classic Cars collectors.



    A Zagato bodywork is always associated with a fine automobile ; our perfectly maintained Flaminia Sport with double-bubble roof was irresitsible for our Client ; this gentleman dicided not to choose, and bought also our Flaminia Convertible by Touring. We still have the Touring Coupé 2-seater, more affordable but not less beautiful.

    Some classic cars are so sought-after that collectors don't mind if they need a complete or partial restoration, as long as they can cquire a very good example. This Miura has an exceptional History, and restoration was well underway. One of our Japanese clients has come to Paris jst to see it and agreeed to buy immediately.


    Lamborghini, a legend... the 400 GT powered by a quad-cam V12 designed by Giotto Bizzarrini was the flagship of the battle against Ferrari... We found this example in a small French village, after decades of sleep. A thorough 3-year restoration program has brought back this masterwork to life. An immense pleasure for the new owner, now driving a "brand new" Classic automobile of Art.


    The Barzoï with Gordini engine mounted amid-ship is probably te Master work of Messieurs Fourniet and Marcadier. With its spectacular Gullwing doors, this small berlinetta could outperform more powerful Alpine and Porsche. "Bravo !". Collectors' interest for light French sports and racing cars of the 60s/70s is increasing.


    LANCIA Appia Zagato GTE, a thoroughbred designed by Ercole Spada, the shape bears a ressemblance with the legendary Aston Martin DB4GT Zagato. This example was prepared for historic racing.


    A Modern Art masterwork, the De TOMASO Mangusta has long suffered from being powered by a so-called "plebeian" engine. But when you drive it you realise the smart choice made by Alejandro De Tomaso was right : after all this is the same block as the Le Mans winner Ford GT40... The car is lively, compact and of an incredible beauty. The right decision is to buy one before the price triples, and reaches the Bizzarrini.


    LAMBORGHINI Jarama S : this rare and surprisingly affordable (not for long...) Classic V12 Lamborghini is a nugget in the world of high-end Classic GTs. A lot of prestige, style and power for the price paid. Some wise collectors have understood.


    FACEL VEGA was the best that money could buy in the 60s. The powerful Facel 2 replaced the Bentley Continental of the 50s in the garage of the kings and divas of the world. This rare manual gearbox example just spent a couple of months with us ; once refurbished, it has been delivered to its new owner, a discerning and lucky collector.


    LANCIA Flaminia GT Touring - the most desirable two-seater version : this car was sold before being advertised ! The passion for this wonderfully classy Touring design is growing.

    LAMBORGHINI Espada.. a rare Series 1, the most sought-after, due to its pure design and specific interior. This particular example was sold new to French speaking singer Salvatore Adamo...

    LANCIA Appia Zagato Sport : this model is highly sought-after, mostly due to its style, competition records and lightweght construction. The sound of the V4 with racing exhaust is very exciting and adds to the driving pleasure of this small wonder.

    Our beautiful Maserati Ghibli (1st series, the most elegant and best version) is being shipped to its new home. A rival of the Ferrari Daytona, the Ghibli is remarkable for its powerful and torquey V8 engine, and for its admirable, radical aesthetics - now become a Master work of classic Automobiles, but then a revolutionnary design.

    ASA-FERRARI 1000 GT Spider, the last hidden example out of ten ever built was carefully kept in a closed garage, and rediscovered by Autodrome... Ferrari designed and built the first prototypes of this thoroughbred Gran Turismo, before entrusting the commercialisation to ASA...

    ASTON MARTIN DBS Vantage ; the last straight-6 by David Brown, just before the Company was sold... This extremely rare LHD version (only 70 made), with ZF manual gearbox is probably the very best investment in classic Aston Martin today.

    A miracle: ultra rare ASTON MARTIN DB2 Vantage, found after 20 years in a garage, absolutely original. David Brown created this model to run the 24 H of Le Mans in 1949 ; it became the foundation of the AM racing legend. The new owner will be delighted with its incredibly authentic patina. Or, if prefered, once restored to new, this car will be worth more than twice the price paid ...

   Only 31 LAMBORGHINI Diablo SVR, first racing Lamborghini, have been built. Some have been eventually fitted with electric windows, exhaust muffler and sound-deadening material. Ours was still in pure racing configuration when we sold it to an enhusiast. It will be a privilege to drive it as one of the fastest Lamborghini ever built in Sant'Agata.

    Only one owner for this sensational 1968 LANCIA Flaminia Touring. With its original Lancia invoice, it's a very unique collector's piece, typical of our favourite kind of very authentic automobiles.

    A rare MV AGUSTA 350B Sport, with period aerodynamic fairing - and original owner's handbook... A Japanese collector bought it without bothering to come to Europe : trust is key in such transactions.

    One of the rare (less than a hundred) surviving LANCIA Flamina Zagato Supersport. This version was the epitome of the Italian Gran Turismo, with its excellent V6 and its aerodynamical aluminium  bodywork - designed by Ercole Spada, who also shaped the Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato.

      The Cabriolet CITROEN Traction is one of the most elegant pre-war cars ; sought-after by many collectors all over the world, il is now very rare to find it so original, and in such an excellent restored condition.One of our Swiss clients didn't miss the opportunity !


        The last LAMBORGHINI Miura in History is the SVJ Spider, presented by Lamborghini in Geneva in 1981. Last evolution of a legend, this unique prototype long belonged to Autodrome's private collection for several years. So as to keep this important automobile in France, we sold it to a Parisian collector.

     ASTON MARTIN is the "cream of the cream" for many enthusiasts, the elite of GT cars. A DB6 brings together the sensual faired-in headlights and the brutal "kamm" style truncated rear body. With the Vantage engine power, it delivers incredible driving pleasures.


    Ferrari 308 GTB polyester (Vetroresina) : the lightest, most powerful and the rarest of all 308 GTB versions. This example had only 35.000 km and was delivered with its original key set and booklet...Sold on our Stand at Rétromobile in Paris.

    This Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 was sold by Autodrome to the Swiss Slavic Collection. A rare Classic Lamborghini, in perfect condition...

    A magnificent Lamborghini Countach LP400 is going to be shipped to its new owner. Our client is based in Asia, and bought this car from us on a phone call, without seeing it. Trust is the foundation of our activity. The lucky new owner has actually acquired a fine automobile worth much more than the price paid.

    This mighty Aston Martin V8-Vantage Le Mans is one of only 40 ever manufactured. Enthusiasts consider the "Le Mans" as the very last true Aston Martin, the swan's song of a legendary make. With 612 BHP, it is the most powerful road-legal Aston Martin ever. A low-mileage, one royal owner car...

    This FERRARI 365 GT4 2+2 sold by Autodrome is the Brussels 1976 official show-car. With only 48.000 true km, it's possibly the best example in the world.

    A Vantage version of the wonderful DBS ; it has now reached twice the market value of the standard DBS. A perfect LHD example like this one is a gem.

    LAMBORGHINI Diablo VT, already a classic and still very affordable. For such a perfect example, the price that one pays is forgotten quickly.

    This Lamborghini Miura was sold unrestored, and completely dismanteld. The external bodywork and paintwork was supervised by Autodrome Paris in the famous Carrosserie Lecoq workshop.

    ROLLS-ROYCE stands for perfection - especially for cars made before BMW took over the legendary British manufacturer. This example sold by Autodrome is so perfect that it was chosen by Classic Cars Magazine as the reference for their article about the Rolls-Royce Corniche history.

    FERRARI 288 GTO, forerunner of the F40 and much, much rarer: only 272 were ever built (versus 1400 F40). our client was looking for the best example on the market : Autodrome Paris could offer it.

    A very rare Diablo SE (40 built) - #01 (Geneva Motorshow) si the last Diablo ever delivered by the factory ! Autodrome, whose history is closely associated to the Sant'Agata firm, sold this very last true Lamborghini new to its first owner. And by the way Claude Levy, Director of Autodrome Cannes, also bought the first Diablo ever delivered in Monaco.

    One of the 500 Maserati Bora ever built, beautiful, audacious and exciting as Alfieri and Giugiaro wanted it ...

    Lamborghini Miura, first version : Gianpalo Dallara's masterwork, and affordable if you know from whom you should buy it.

    Lamborghini Diablo GT : the "high performance" version of the famous Diablo. Only 80 built.

    The 275 GTB/4 is one of the most mythical Ferrari. We sold this one to a wise investor in the Middle-East.

    One of the 25 limited series Pagani Zonda "F" berlinetta, here at the factory in 2006 just before delivery by AUTODROME.

    A Ferrari V12 250 GT long wheel base, race prepared : a dream rarely made true...

    This Bentley Empress II Hooper two-door was built in only three examples, each one upon special order from a Royal Highness.

    Driving a Daytona is enjoying the pleasure of the best of the 70s Gran Turismo, a mechanical masterwork.

   Rare Lamborghini Miura S in a perfect original condition (Autodrome Collection). Reluctantly sold to a famous Japanese collector...

   Bentley T two-door HJ Mulliner, one of only seveteen (17 !) in LHD. No comment (more ...).

   This LP400 Countach was part of the Autodrome Collection for over twenty years (more...).

   The 350 GT set the foundation of the Lamborghini legend. More than fourty years later, it is a dream to drive. (more...)

    Lamborghini Countach LP400, "the" dream car made true. In perfect condition... (more).

    Bentley stands for perfection. This Azure was just run-in, a royal treat (more).

    The very best 600 worldwide. Navy blue and creme leather, cristal decanter... the jet-set class (more)


pagani_zonda_s_37_3-4_front_baobab.JPG (394800 octets)   One of the Paganis that we have delivered in 03 : a pearl yellow berlinette, with black (more)

aston-martin_v8_vantage_rear2.JPG (188151 octets)  Aston-Martin Vantage, 550 BHP, the most powerful production Aston-Martin ever (except for the limited-series Vantage Le Mans, 612 BHP), twin supercharger, 190 mph, 240 built.  (more)

lamborghini_diablo_roadster_vt_showroom_rear.JPG (234046 octets)  Lamborghini Diablo VT Roadster, 9000 km, 86 built, over 205 mph topless... (more)

Dino_196S.jpg (46411 octets)  Dino 196 S, the rebirth of a legend. Driving this diva (road-legal !) is magic for a sports car lover. (more)

facel-vega_fv3_front.JPG (354494 octets)  Facel-Vega FV3 1957 : no other french make ever reached this level of performance and luxury. Less than 10 in the world in this "concours" condition. (more)

lambo_lp400s_81_showroom.JPG (215074 octets)  Lamborghini Countach LP400 S 1981, a true mechanical beast iniside and outside, and an automotive icon. (more)

Lamborghini_countach_25_front1.JPG (77039 octets)  Lamborghini Countach "Anniversario" (design Horacio Pagani), never used, absolutely new...No comment. (more)

porsche_996_gt2_ruf_showroom_profile.jpg (184350 octets)  Porsche 996 GT2 RUF evolution: unique, built upon commission, 570 BHP: one of the most powerful Porsche on the road. (more)

diablo_svr_street-version.JPG (130484 octets)  Lamborghini Diablo SVR "street version": out of the 31 racing SVR, very few were legalised for road use. For capable drivers !(more)

ferrari 412 troisquart.JPG (170218 octets)  The lavish 412, the only true four-seater Ferrari : neither the 456 nor the Scaglietti will ever compare to it - rare in sublime condition and with manual gear.(more)

type-etroisquart.JPG (107637 octets)  "The" sports car, the Jaguar Type E V12. Restored to concours condition, old english white, la dolce vita, a warm wind in your hair. (more)

ferrari_365gt4bb_profile_detail_1100.jpg (132429 octets)  Ferrari BB, as sharp as a blade. The mythical first production mid-engined Ferrari, pure and powerful, to keep for ever.(more)

pagani_zonda_moscow-blue_moving.jpg (193256 octets)  A Zonda with a special interior, a see-through bonnet and an exposed 600 HP- V12, finished in Moscow blue...guess where our client is driving it proudly today. (more)

  A Pagani is comfortable to drive in town, on the road, or on a race track. Our clients keep in touch and their driving feed-back is precious. (more)

jaguar_mk10_3-4.jpg (110694 octets)  Very affordable and still one of the most authentic and original classic cars: one owner, all the British class with Conolly leather and precious wood. (more)

ferrari_328gtb_front copie.jpg (139215 octets) A classic Ferrari for less than 40.000 € ? Of course it's from Autodrome. One owner, untouched...this great feeling of driving a piece of the Legend...(more)


  The very first Zonda, V12-6 Litres, Autodrome's demonstrator. It is now owned by a Belgian client. (en savoir plus).



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