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Lamborghinin Jalpa 3,5 L. rare LHD-Euro version : [TOO LATE, sold]

Lamborghini Jalpa 3,5 l. a true Sant'Agata thoroughbred, Lhd, Euro version [TOO LATE, sold]

Matra-Bonnet Djet VS Gordini 1100 (1966), the First Mid-Engine road car in History

Ultra-rare authentic example, property of Autodrome Associate : 65,000 €


Marque Model Year Km Colour Summarised description €URO FFR
ASA-FERRARI  1000GT / 411 1966   Yellow/black Possibly the Targa Florio 66 race car, or a one-off 411 prototype, this berlinetta was found by us in the USA. A truly unique car. Needs restoration, but well preserved. 150000  
ASA-FERRARI  1000 GT Berlinetta 1966   Silver / black [TOO LATE, now sold] Unique : this car belonged to one owner, Oronzio De Nora, friend of Enzo Ferrari and founder of ASA. Only 28.000 km, never restored.    
FERRARI  365 GT/4 2+2 1974   Silver with a hint of blue / black leather One of only 500 built. The last Enzo-era FERRARI V12 under the 150,000 €. Not to be missed. 120000  
FOURNIER MARCADIER  Barzoï Gullwing Coupé 1968   Red / Black Very rare mid-engine version with Gordini 1600 (same as Alpine 1600S). This amazing berlinette is road-legal , with regular French Title. 60000  
LAMBORGHINI  Pregunta V12 1998   Silver/Blue The last Italian Lamborghini prototype - just before the take-over by AUDI. A master piece by former Bertone Head of Style, Marc Deschamps. This model founded a completely new style school for the 90s and 2000s. Unique one-off fully functional prototype.    
LAMBORGHINI  Design 90 - 900 cc Motorcycle 1986   Yellow / black leather Incredibly rare (less than 10 ever built), this high-tech motorcycle bears the prestigious Lamborghini signature. This 900 cc example is in concours condition. We also own another example (1000cc version).    
LAMBORGHINI  350 GT 1964   Bordeaux / cream leather Very unique car : one of the first ten Lamborghini ever built, with specific construction details…A most important Classic, the source of a Legend. [TOO LATE, now sold]    
LAMBORGHINI  Jalpa P350 1984   Black/Red [TOO LATE, sold] 25 years in the hands of former Lamborghini importer, very good condition, 35,000 km probably true.    
LAMBORGHINI  Jalpa P350 1983   Red/Champagne [TOO LATE, sold] Only 2800 km on the odometer, longt-term storage by a former Lamborghini Importer. Upholstery partly dismantled due to a projected new paintwork. Starts on the button…    
LAMBORGHINI  Countach LP400S S1 Low-Body 1979     Ultra rare Lowbody version.    
LANCIA  Flaminia Coupé Touring 1960   Silver/red An aesthetical masterwork, by Touring. This car's engien has been upghraded long ago by a 2.8 litre, that has just been completely overhauled. 85000  
LOTUS  Europe S1 1967   Green / black [TOO LATE, now sold] One of the 300 early S1 with non-opening windows, and chassis integrated in fibreglass monocoque. Unique original matching # condition. UNDER OPTION    
LOTUS  Europe     Any colour WANTED : True first series (1966-67), cn #0001 to 0300, with fixed one-piece windows and integrated chassis.    
MARCADIER  Barzoï 1964   Red / black Rare mid-engined version with Goridnin 1600. Road-legal with French title ! [OPTION] 38000  
MATRA-BONNET  Djet VS 1966   Blue / Black A very rare Djet VS in exceptional authentic condition. This exciting 2-seater is very close to the first Djet raced at Le Mans in 1962, with the same mythical Gordini engine.    
MONTE-CARLO Lamborghini  Centenaire 1999   Old English White /Red leather The very first road-legal car in History with carbon-fibre chassis, one year before the Bugatti EB110. This is one of only 2 Monte-Carlo powered by the V12 Lamborghini QuattroValvole.    




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