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FERRARI 365 GT4, one of 400 Lhd: 150,000 € - Lamborghini LP400 S2 Low Body, low mileage - CD-Panhard LM64 Prototype Le Mans 1964 one of two



ASA-Ferrari 1000GT restored - Alfa-Romeo 2600 Spider Touring [TOO LATE, SOLD]



Marque Model Year Km Colour Summarised description €URO FFR
ALFA-ROMEO  2600 Spider Touring 1964   Silver/Black One of the very few Italian luxury convertibles still affordable. A highly desirable Touring aluminum bodywork, a wonderful straight-6 DOHC (actually the last Alfa Straight-six) under the bonnet, a delight to drive and a safe investment. [TOO LATE, SOLD]    
ASTON MARTIN  DBS Vantage 6 cylindres 1971   Green / tan Leather Factory Vantage with Air-Conditioning, manual ZF Gearbox, power-steering, period radio, excellent condition. One of only 72 delivered and the last David Brown Straight-Six in History….[TOO LATE]    
ASTON MARTIN  DB2 Vantage 1952   White / Burgundy original leather Probably the last DB2 Vantage to be found unrestored and preserved after many years. Unique. The model that founded the Aston Martin legend at the 24 Hours of Le Mans [TOO LATE, SOLD]    
FACEL-VEGA  HK2 (Facel 2) 1964   Silver / Biscuit leather The most famous Facel Vega, this model is the last Prestige and Luxury French car of the XXth Century. Totally restored by Carrosserie Lecoq (Paris). Only 180 HK2 have ever been built.[TOO LATE, sold]    
FERRARI  599 HGTE Usine 2010   Titanium/tan French registration, always maintained by Ferrari, 23900 km only. 195000  
FERRARI  365 GT 2+2 1974   Silver with a hint of blue / black leather One of only 500 built. The last Enzo-era FERRARI V12 under the 150,000 €. Not to be missed.    
FERRARI ASA  1000 GT Berlinetta 1966   Silver / black Unique : this car belonged to one owner, Oronzio De Nora, friend of Enzo Ferrari and founder of ASA. Only 28.000 km, never restored.    
FERRARI ASA  1000 GT Berlinetta 1966   Red, black upholstery Only 50 to 60 ASA-Ferrari still exist. Their market value increases rapdily (an ASA sold for 186.000 € in auction). One of the very last ASA ever built, completely restored by the best Italian experts    
FOURNIER MARCADIER  Barzoï Gullwing Coupé 1968   Red / Black Very rare mid-engine version with Gordini 1600 (same as Alpine 1600S). This amazing berlinette is road-legal , with regular French Title.    
JAGUAR  Type E Roadster 1963   Bordeaux/Tan Only 1000 km since complete restoration, fitted with 5-gear box. A most iconi XXth century Classic. 185000  
LAMBORGHINI  Countach 5000S 1983   Red:Tan 40 years in the same careful hands, very well preserved, revised engnien, new paint, exhaust, etc. 365000  
LAMBORGHINI  350 GT 1964   Bordeaux / cream leather Very unique car : the oldest Lamborghini available…If you are interested in acquiring a most important Classic Lamborghini.    
LAMBORGHINI  Design 90 - 900 cc Motorcycle 1986   Yellow / black leather Incredibly rare (less than 10 ever built), this high-tech motorcycle bears the prestigious Lamborghini signature. This 900 cc example is in concours condition. We also own another example (1000cc version).    
LAMBORGHINI  Countach LP400 S "low body" 1979   Red/tan One of only 50 LP400S "Low Body", very good original condition. [TOO LATE, sold]    
LAMBORGHINI  Pregunta V12 1998   Silver/Blue The last Italian Lamborghini prototype - just before the take over by AUDI. A Master piece of former Bertone Head of Style, Marc Deschamps. This model founded a completely new style school for the 90s and 2000s.    
LOTUS  Europe S1 1967   Green / black One of the 300 early S1 with non-opening windows, and chassis integrated in fibreglass monocoque. Unique original matching # condition.    
LOTUS  Europe     Any colour WANTED : True first series (1966-67), cn #0001 to 0300, with fixed one-piece windows and integrated chassis.    
MONTE-CARLO Lamborghini  Centenaire 1999   Old English White /Red leather The very first road-legal car in History with carbon-fibre chassis, one year before the Bugatti EB110. This is one of only 2 Monte-Carlo powered by the V12 Lamborghini.    
PAGANI  Huayra 2014   Carbon / Carbon ClubSport version, upgraded by Pagani Factory in 2015, very low mileage.    




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