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PAGANI ZONDA R... the absolute best.


La Zonda R - top view - in comparison with the F.


At the 2007 Geneva Motor Show, Pagani is proud to present the ultimate and final Zonda R...

Even beyond the stratospheric reference established by the Zonda F, the R Version (for Racing inspired),

will only be shown in scale model in Geneva - but we can already take orders from selected clients.

Only a handful will be built and sold (certainly less than 10). The R will be an "instant classic".



The new reference is the Zonda R, beyond any other super car ever made.

The scale model of the Zonda R, as exhibited in Geneva.



Specifications Pagani Zonda R :


The engine is built by the racing specialists at Mercedes AMG, and derived from the CLK GTR, probably the most devastating and effective weapon ever to compete in the GT series.

From it’s engine the Zonda R borrows the basic architecture including a dry sump allowing a lower centre of gravity. This self-supporting (structural) 5.9-litre V12 engine with 750 hp at 8000 rpm and 710 Nm of torque carries a lightweight carbon fibre high-performance intake system, a racing multiple disc sintered clutch and Formula 1 style exhaust system, hydroformed in Inconel 625 and ceramic coated for optimal heat dissipation.

The power unit combined with a 6 speed transversal manual sequential synchronised gearbox is designed to satisfy the most ambitious drivers.

The central carbon chassis will incorporate a roll cage and a rubber racing fuel tank with 4 fuel pumps and quick refuel filler like on GT race cars. The wheelbase has been increased by 47mm to offer the best stability. The front and rear subframes are totally new (as 90% of the car), built to accommodate a new suspension geometry, produced in high-tech material Avional.


The magnesium forged rims with central wheel nut and a quick pneumatic lifting system allows fast and effortless changes of the slick tyres.


The new bodywork has been honed to offer elevated down force even in low speed corners. The longer front bonnet with flaps, closed underbody and the rear overhang with the adjustable rear wing and race derived diffusor translate into shattering aerodynamic efficiency and will let you experience cornering speeds beyond imagination.
The car displays and logs information about the amount of down force that the car is generating at each moment. Combined with the adjustable wings you can easily find the best setup for each track or for road use.



Price : from 1.200.000 €uros before tax, ex-works.


Please call us rapidly in case you wish to place an order.




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