The new PAGANI Zonda F presented at the Geneva 2005 Motor Show   


The fabulous new Zonda f has been officially be presented on March 1st, 2005 at the Geneva Motor Show. Horacio pagani himself was present, among the European Pagani dealers, including of course Autodrome-Cannes, which was the very first Importer to represent Pagani Automobili outside of Italy. This jewel now completes the current Pagani range - which includes the Zonda C12S berlinette and the Roadster : it has been named the Zonda F (an evocation of Juan-Manuel Fangio, who, as a friend of Horacio Pagani, gave precious advice during the developppement of the Zonda project).



Engine, aerodynamics, dynamic behaviour, wheels, and other elements of the "F" are different and better than the current Zonda. Its price is higher and it offers specifications even more exclusive and new aesthetics.

The new Zonda is based on a new, more powerful version (650 HP) of the fabulous V12 AMG-Mercedes. It is a fact that Pagani cars, due to clients demands, are already often built with better specifications than indicated on the catalogue. Striving for figures for the sake of figures has never been Pagani's philosophy. However, the new Pagani is combining specifications that have never been reached before. In addition to this substantial power increase the extra-terrestrial torque of the Zonda engine has also been upgraded to 780 Nm... - (most of which available from 2500 t/mn). Better aerodynamics enable not only a higher top-speed but more down-force, faster accelerations, and an increased stability (already one of the forte of the Zonda).



The breaking system can include carbon-ceramic brakes following each client's choice. This braking technology responds to demands from drivers who need a significant extension of the endurance and high-temperature capabilities for a very extreme use (on race tracks for example). An inboard automated system constantly monitors the health of the Zonda F and gets in contact with the Pagani Factory of with the closest Assistance center in order to analyse the root cause of any possible issue, and help fix it in the shortest time frame.

The measured performances, already at the very top on the existing Zonda thanks to its balance between lightness, stiffness, and dynamic capabilities, are upgraded to levels never reached before with the Zonda F. Even though Horacio Pagani is well-known for his modesty, and only annnounces "over 215 mph (345 km/h)", his new creature displays a unique set of performances - actually the best in the world, and a new reference.



The Zonda F does not replace any of the two other Pagani models but rather comes as a "top-end" alternative in the range. Offering sublime dynamic behaviour and specifications, the Zonda F also delights the enthusiasts with a new style which sets a new reference.



Pagani Automobili is recognised worldwide as the manufacturer of reference, combining leading edge performance with the most expert and dedicated high-tech craftsmanship. As all other Paganis since the birth of the Firm, the Zonda F is available on special commission, and built upon every client's wishes.


The Zonda is not only the best. It is also, by far, the most voluptuous...

This example in deep red supple leather and Nardi hand-made steering wheel.


Main specifications:


Two-seater berlinette with carbon-composite hub, based on multiple patented Modena Design process.

All carbon bodywork, including integrated dual Cuoio Schedoni luggage.

Central V12 Mercedes-Benz AMG 7291 cc, 48 valves, titanium rods.

Power: 650 HP @ 6200 t/mn /  602 HP @ 6150 t/mn (depending on version ordered).

Torque: 780 Nm / 760 Nm @ 400 t/mn (depending on version ordered).

Weight: 1230 kg.

Power-to-weight ratio: 1,89 kg/HP (Clubsport version)

Limited slip differential transmission, 6 gear manual gearbox.

Brakes: ventilated Brembo Steel or Carbo-Ceramic disks.

Traction Control & ABS.


Wheels: APP aluminium/magnesium, 19' F/ 20' R.

Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 2, 255/35/19 F/ 335/30/20 R.


Performances :

0 to 100 km/h : 3,6 seconds

0 to 200 km/h : 9,8 seconds.

Braking from 200 km/h to full stop: 4,4 s.

Maximum lateral acceleration: 1,4 g (Clubsport version)

Maximum speed : around 350 km/h (215 mph)


Price :

Please call.





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