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"I  was dreaming of the exciting combination of a race car performance with the comfort and refinement of a true Gran Turismo..."

Horacio Pagani



AMG-Mercedes-Benz powered

An incredible dream made true.

During the sixties and the seventies, high-performance, exclusive super-cars used to be the monopoly of a handful of constructors such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston-Martin, Jaguar, Mercedes...

A few engineers have dared to challenge the champions ; but for various reasons, their developments have never lead to a convincing long-term vision.

Since then, a few hard-core car enthusiasts have been expecting that some radical new player would come and re-invent the pleasure of unique, thoroughbred super-cars. This dream has now become a reality, thanks to an Argentina-born, visionary designer, Horacio Pagani.

Horacio Pagani is the founder of Modena-Design, a high-tech company, specialising in advanced technological products. The composite division has been involved with prestigious partners such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Dall'Ara.

Pagani, an Argentina-born engineer, was also a friend of Juan Manuel Fangio, the legendary five-time formula One world champion, with whom he shared the first draft of the extraordinary Zonda project.

Inspired by his passion for performance and race cars, Horacio Pagani and his Team of highly qualified engineers, talented designers and competition car specialists, have achieved the ambitious project of developing the most advanced super-car ever built. 

From its V12 AMG-Mercedes-Benz engine to its multi-patented carbon-fiber chassis, the Zonda, inspired by the legendary Sauber Group C "Silver Arrow" is quite obviously the most radical statement of the last thirty years.



A broad choice versions is offered : the Zonda C12S 7.3 Litre or the latest-born Zonda F (for Fangio), both available in traditional Berlinetta or Roadster execution. The new Zonda F Roadster  (pictured above) is available with a 650 HP V-12 engine -called the ClubSport version- or in the 600 HP version. 


Options such as Carbon-ceramic brakes, all-visible carbon composite bodywork (the most expensive and the most exclusive finish), and anti-theft satellite system, are available. All specific equipments or finish can be order to your own taste.


Straight forward, race-inspired design, combined with futuristic technology result in a high-rigidity, low weight (1250 Kg) car, which actually behaves like a competition car on demand, with in addition the refined comfort and reliability of a classic "Gran Turismo".


This car combines incredible performance, built-to-order exclusive finish, and unbelievably exciting road-handling. In fact, in our experience the Pagani Zonda C12 / C12S is the most spectacular and perfect super-car that money can buy.

Maximum speed : beyond 350 km/h (220 mph).

Autodrome, as sole importer of Pagani Cars, is honored to present the exclusive the Zonda C12S, Zonda F, and their Roadster versions, an incredible dream made true.

Claude Levy, Managing Director of Autodrome-Cannes.


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