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Pambuffetti hypercar-V10-Autodrome




Birth of an Italian Hypercar



25 years ago Autodrome introduced Pagani to a worldwide audience, and sold the first production Zondas … Today, we are very proud to introduce a new 100% Italian Hypercar, which breaks away from the mainstream…

The V10-powered, 800 HP Pambuffetti PJ-01 takes its aerodynamic concept from Formula 1 single-seaters. Breathing without a turbocharger, and no intrusive electronics, she is simply different : ultra-light (less than 1100 kg), radical, inventive, with sensuous Italian shapes, this automobile goes to the very heart of automotive pleasure, providing a unique experience : driving sensations of a Formula 1 on the road... and on the track.

Steel and Carbon structure, telemetry, interchangeable steering wheel (F1-type and road-type), ultra-light & ultra-fast sequential gearbox, gullwing doors, zero to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds… details are impressive. The advanced aerodynamics are so efficient that she offers a huge downforce without a rear wing. Her naturally aspirated V10 delivers up to 820 HP and an immense torque of 800 Nm, which, combined with the very low weight, offers an exhilarating sensation of power.

Each of the twenty-five cars to come will be adapted to the personal preferences of evey Client. Owners will benefit from a rich VIP welcome package including a meeting in Italy with Company founder Juri Pambuffetti, to personalize his own car. Each Pambuffetti Hypercar will therefore be exclusive and ‘’one of one’’… Orders are accepted now.



Twenty-five years ago... a star was born



Autodrome Cannes was the very first Pagani importer in the World


Claude Levy, Director of Autodrome, took the challenge of introducing Pagani Automobili

to an international audience at the Paris Mondial de l'Automobile in 2000, then in 2002 and 2004



Salon de Paris 2000 : the Zonda on, the Autodome stand, a grande première !



We are not fanatical about celebrations and anniversaries, but these events are now part of History

Autodrome Cannes brought Pagani under the spotlights ; the then unknown Zonda became famous

Read more here (in French)





MASERATI BORA 4.7 first series


Of the three most powerful and beautiful GT of the period, Miura, Daytona and Bora... One of the most exclusive, with only 500 ever built

Designed by Giugiaro, engine inspired by racing Maserati 450 and 151/152





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A few classic cars that you may have bought from AUTODROME ...








This wonderful Facellia was Jean Daninos' own car. Founder of Facel-Vega, Daninos was also a great designer

The supremely elegant design and the perfect balance of the body shapes are timeless

(Picture : Amicale Facel-Vega)


The Facel II was the fastest 2+2 Coupé in the world - 240 km/ fast as the 2-seater E-Type Jaguar



The Facellia coupé won the Monte-Carlo in 1961 in the1600-2000 cc GT class, driven by Gatsonides / Van Noordwijk

Here above, Poirot-Hazard, who took the 3rd position. Hazard also won in his class with the Facellia at the Rallye de Lorraine




Tour de France 1961 : Annie Soisbault takes the victory in her class with the Facellia coupé 2+2




Facel-Vega owners are a summary of the Who's who : Ringo Starr (here above), Stirling Moss, Maurice Trintignant, Rob Walker,

Hassan II King of Morocco, Prince Charles of Belgium, Prince Saud, Prince of Orléans-Bourbon, Prince Poniatowski,

President of Mexico, Shah of Iran, Marchioness of Huntly, Prince Amaury de Broglie, Count Volpi and many Ambassadors & Ministers...




True elegance is rare. Few people possess this particular ability to care about others without ostentation, and to be themselves

with taste and distinction. This way of life is often hinted by an understated style : an ancient wristwatch, a well-designed cloth

not necessarily bearing a famous name...and sometimes, an automobile which is simply different, not show-off, not excessively expensive.






Ultra-rare LAMBORGHINI Motorcyle starring at the Schulmpf Museum exhibition



This Lamborghini motorcycle, property of Autodrome, is one of the super-stars of the Pop Lamborghini exhibition organised by the Schlumpf Museum in Mulhouse. So rare that most Lamborghini enthusiasts think it is a myth, it's a unique opportunity to see one in the real. Only a handful have ever been built. To learn more about this spectacular piece of technology, please click here...



1000 cc version pictured here below


1000 cc Lamborghini Boxe-Bikes Motorcycle





Berlinette V12 - carbon fibre monocoque (1990)



The mythical Monte-Carlo Lamborghini, first road-Car with Carbon monocoque, ahead of the Ferrari F40 still with tubular chassis

Powered by a 455-HP Countach engine officially provided by Lamborghini

A race-prepared Monte-Carlo reached 354 km/H (221 mph) at Le Mans in 1993.

Read the whole story here




The mighty "downdraft" Countach QV powerplant is one of the key assets of the Monte-Carlo Centenaire

This fabulous V12 quad-cam engine combined with the carbon chassis was a world-première for a road-car




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Your classic for sale ? Autodrome buys Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus Europe S1, Maserati, De Tomaso Mangusta.

A few classic cars that you may have bought from AUTODROME...


World record for a Lamborghini : a Veneno roadster sold for 8,000,000 $




The extremely limited production (less than 10) but above all, the passion for Lamborghini justifiy

this incredible figure ; it confirms the steady increase in the price of the most exclusive and rare Automobiles

Some say that the Veneno looks like Batman's car, but its shape neverthless belongs to the

half-century long Lamborghini aesthetical tradition of provocative and extraordinary design


Today this car is worth about 2 times its original price (4,5 M$), not unusual for an extremely rare Collector item




A few classic cars that you may have bought from AUTODROME...


Autodrome Paris Chronicles....2018...2017...2016...2015...& more





Multiple Le Mans winner Henri Pescarolo tested the Monte-Carlo Lamborghini on the Castellet-Paul Ricard race track.

A couple of weeks later a Monte-Carlo recorded 354 km/h on the Hunaudières during the Le Mans practice



The most exclusive Supercar ever : back in the eighties, a most ambitious project took shape, under the technical supervision of not less than legendary Ferrari, Alfa-Romeo, Autodelta engineer Carlo Chiti. Managing the newly created Monte-Carlo Automobile was F2/F3000 and prototype race driver Fulvio-Maria Ballabio, along with carbon-composite pioneer and F1 constructor Guglielmo Bellasi, and with Luigi Corbari (ex-Brabham & Alfa-Romeo F1 Team manager. To complete the picture, Prince Rainier himself supported the project with enthusiasm and with a long term vision for the yound and proud Monaco Company...



Fulvio-Maria Ballabio (left) with Prince Albert during a presentation of the MonteCarlo



Fulvio-Maria Ballabio persuaded Lamborghini to officially supply their latest V12 engine - taken from the Countach Quattrovalvole ! A huge 455 HP power was now available to make the future mid-engine super-car a true "prototype for the road" that would challenge the cream of the cream of Luxury GTs. Chiti and Bellasi managed to present the first carbon-chassis GT in History in 1990, beating the "neo-Bugatti" EB110 by almost a year...The Monte-Carlo berlinette was named "Centenaire", in celebration of the centennial of the Monaco Automobile Club. Whilst the Ferrari F40 offered a couple more HP (475), in return the Monte Carlo boasted a carbon fibre hull which humbled the old-school tubular chassis of the F40. A memorable achievement for an extremely small and young car manufacturer.




A most impressive race-inspired berlinette with Lamborghini V12 power and carbon fibre chassis - what did you expect ?



Very limited hand-crafted production started soon, followed by another version called GTB, also in extremely small numbers (maybe two or three)...The very first Monte-Carlo was first acquired by the Lamborghini factory, then returned in the hands of founder Ballabio, and is now property of Autodrome-Paris. We are very proud to own this important piece of Lamborghini and Supercar History. The driving sensations of this no-compromise super fast GT are matchless, and the history behind this supercar is absolutely unique, with its Lamborghini partnership, the prestigious Monaco Royal Family support and its bold, high-performance, high-tech concept.




The Lamborghini V12-Powered Monte-Carlo Automobile, fresh from restoration at Carrosserie Lecoq :

a mysterious, impossibly rare Supercar, and a true milestone in Luxury GT History



The first Monte-Carlo Centenaire was acquired by the Sant'Agata Factory (period picture)

 click here







Engineer Paolo Stanzani (right), with Edmond Ciclet (Lamborghini-France, left) and Michel Levy (Autodrome, centre) at Lamborghini Sant'Agata factory.

Picture: Autodrome Paris


We have learned the sad news of the death of Paolo Stanzani, who created the first Lamborghini in 1963, after being hired by Ferruccio, with Gianpaolo Dallara. The Miura, the Espada, the Countach, the Islero, the prototype Bravo, all those legendary automobiles bear the fingerprint of Stanzani. Very young (24 years) in 1962 when he became part of Ferruccio Team of talents, he nevertheless managed, with a handful of highly gifted young designers and engineers, to create the car that would beat Ferrari: the 350 GT, first Lamborghini in History and a car that re-invented the meaning of Gran Turismo. The Countach was Stanzani's next achievement, a car that broke all rules with an out-of-this world Gandini design. The V8 Jalpa 3,5-litre engine is another of his technology brainchild.

Stanzani was also in charge of the conception of the Bugatti EB110, but left the Company due to disagreement with the boss Romano Artioli. Even though his talent has indeed given birth to the EB110, his name has been "politically" and unfairly cancelled from the history of the firm. Together with the 350 GT, the Miura and the Countach LP400, the EB110 remains one of his materpieces and one of the most advanced automobile of the past Century.

His name will stay carved in the heaven of the best Engineers of the XXth century, with Colin Chapman, Mauro Forghieri, Carlo Chiti, Keith Duckworth, Gioacchino Colombo, among a few others...

Paolo Stanzani gave us two interviews about the birth of Lamborghini and of the Countach, and about the "resurrection" of Bugatti in the early nineties.




Lamborghini 350 GT - "Mother of All Lamborghini" - 1964



Lamborghini Miura - 1966



Lamborghini LP400 (part of Autodrome private collection in the eighties)



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A few classic cars that you may have bought from AUTODROME...





Motocyclette française de luxe. Only 35 will be built. Please consult Autodrome Cannes to order your own example



Midual Type 1 - Luxury Motorcycle hand-crafted in France

High technology and a passion for perfect quality - Available from Autodrome Paris


A few classic cars that you may have bought from AUTODROME ...








The one-off show-car MASERATI Boomerang has just been sold for 3,3 Millions €... This price demonstrates the extreme importance

of advanced style designs for Collectors : in the seventies, the Boomerang set a new style trend with its design based on straight lines.



Lamborghini Boxer Bike 900 cc 4-Cam (less than ten ever built)













More information; please click here...








Left : Mr Jules Heumann, founder of the Pebble-Beach Concours of Elegance visits Autodrome's stand (with necktie: Neldo Levy, Director of Autodrome).  

Right :  before the official opening, three great Gran Turismo of the 50s, 60s and 70s : Aston Martin DBS, Lamborghini Countach LP400, Lancia Flaminia Touring.

The "Mardikian" Countach LP400 Spider, owned by Autodrome, was made for Rod Stewart, and was publicly displayed by us for the first time since the 80s...(photo AllSportauto)




Neldo Levy: +33 (0)6 86 69 98 27 - Michel Levy: +33 (0)6 30 09 64 91 -






A major step in Sports cars History: how Chapman brought the F1 feeling to the road.





The Lotus Europe - type 46 -, revealed in 1966 is one of the very first GT with central engine, very close to racing prototypes.

Only a few have survived. Driving sensations are second to none. The competition type 47 version was a huge success on track.

Sought after by most Collectors, this kind of ultra-light hand built Classic GTs are impossible to build today, because of the legislation.

Interest for these sports cars is rising: Alpine, Matra-Bonnet Djet, Porsche 911 short wheel base (1966-67) are steadily on the rise in the market.






Ferruccio Lamborghini presents his first V12, designed by ex-Ferrari Giotto Bizzarini


 A few of the fine automobiles parked during the Lamborghini meeting.


AUTODROME was invited to a really unique event : a friendly gathering of all the people who made the Lamborghini legend. Paolo Stanzani, Giotto Bizzarini, Ubaldo Sgarzi, Claudio Zampolli, GianCarlo Guerra, Orazio Salvioli, Fabio Lamborghini, Umberto Marchesi (chassis manufacturer) are only a few names among Ferruccio Lamborghini's Team that came to Sant'Agata for this exceptional days.



From L to R . 1- Neldo Levy (Autodrome) and Cesare Lodi, former Lamborghini test driver . 2- Edmond Ciclet, former Lamborghini France Technical Director talks to N. Levy and Paolo Stanzani, who designed  the Miura with Dallara, and the Countach, and Lamborghini CEO in the 70s. 3- Michel Levy (Autodrome) with  Giancarlo Guerra, former Scaglietti Head, who then was in charge of the Countach bodywork shop at Lamborghini. 4- M. Levy with Ubaldo Sgarzi, former Lamborghini and Pagani Commercial Director. 5- M. Levy with engineer Giotto Bizzarini who designed the first V12 Lamborghini after designing the Ferrari GTO. 6 - M. Levy with Paolo Stanzani, "God" for many Lamborghini lovers.




This gathering was focusing on people rather than cars, and very different from other events. It is very important to listen to all these key players of a period now gone, so as to record and preserve all the available information on the History of Lamborghini. This avoids all risks of distortion or mishandling of essential historical information. As Lamborghini collectors and historians, we have always strived to stay in direct contact with the former Lamborghini people, and we will continue to update and complete available information on this magical period.



The Lamborghini 350 GT of Edmond Ciclet (former Technical Director of the Lamborghini network in France).

This car is one of the earliest Lamborghini in existence, and it is of course in perfect condition : 1200 km, and back were just a warm-up.

As anticipated, this magnificent classic won the most sought-after prize of the best Lamborghini at the meting..









The famous luxury Japanese magazine ROSSO, specialising in classic cars, especially Lamborghini and Ferrari, was visiting Autodrome-Cannes a few months ago and has issued a long article on some of the "pearls" of the Lamborghini Autodrome collection (please click on the photos to open the 2 MB pdf document).



The Autodrome Cannes show-room pictured by the Japanese magazine ROSSO



The famous charity event "SPORT & COLLECTION, 300 FERRARI AGAINST CANCER" took place last week-end (1-2-3 june) on the Val-de-Vienne Circuit near Poitiers. 

AUTODROME was presenting the CD-PANHARD LM64,  one of the only two extraordinary prototypes having taken part in the 24 hours of Le Mans 1964, along with the Ford GT40, the Ferrari 275 P and GTO... A perfect opportunity to meet our clients and friends, and share our passion for classic and sports automobiles around this wonderful and famous racing car.

We had the pleasure to park side by side our fabulous CD-Panhard prototype, built for Le Mans 1964, and the production Panhard-CD : both cars

demonstrate the talent of Charles Deutsch, and engineer who took the Panhard-Levassor story one step ahead - the wonderful end of a Legend

Our CD-Panhard on the track : taken over by a Ferrari prototype, driven by David Piper in person ! What more could you dream of ?

A resurrection of a scene from the 24 Heures of Le Mans, with Ferrari (275, 330 P, LM), Ford GT, Cobra, and CD LM 64 as key players.

Another memorable scene, seen from the cockpit of the CD-Panhard LM64: we give way to a fabulous Ford GT40.

In the 1964 Le Mans race, the last surviving Ford driven by Phil Hill & Bruce Mc Laren retired roughly at the same time as our CD #45.



The British magazine Classic Cars highlights the Lamborghini Pregunta as one of the 10 best cars at Retromobile.

Classic Cars ranks the Lamborghini Pregunta displayed by Autodrome as one of the "Top 10 cars" at Retromobile,

with the Ferrari 250 GTO (Nick Mason's Collection) and the Martini Racing Porsche 917 (Porsche Museum).

Specialised magazine  "RETROVISEUR" says that AUTODROME is "the reference for Classic Lamborghini":

RETROVISEUR, one of the most respected classic car magazines, comments on Autodrome Cannes.

Their conclusion, based on Autodrome's experience and trust relationship with clients: "The best classic Lamborghinis always end at Autodrome-Cannes".


 "Autodrome Bulletin": Issue ##20 is available.

Previous issues:

Paolo Stanzani: "How Ferruccio Lamborghini and I launched the Bugatti EB110 project ..."

(Interview by Michel Levy, Autodrome).

From Cannes to Prague in a Pagani Zonda S... in one night and under a heavy rain.

Preview/For sale: Bugatti Veyron 16.4, Zonda F berlinetta new.

The Classic Car Market is safer than Stock exchange...and a source of pleasure !

Currently in French


A few classic cars that you may have bought from AUTODROME...


Presentation of the PAGANI Zonda F at AUTODROME Cannes : a friendly gathering around a glass of Champagne.

"Mankind is becoming mono-cultural ; we are getting prepared to mass-produce civilization, like beetroot. The menu will be composed of this single dish".  (Claude Lévi-Strauss).

Autodrome clients demand exclusive automobiles, of the highest quality but also unusual ones. No wonder that precious encounters happen then...You only live once. Some individuals (not necessarily the richest ones) cannot stand to be lost in the crowd of banality, it's a matter of character - whether you have one or not. They just want to live up to their true expectations. One very special day, you see a car : it's this one - and no other - you just need it.

For many educated people, it's simply a Classic car...

FREE : consult  the AUTODROME PARIS Classic Cars database

This tool offers you instant access to key technical specs, historical details, production years and quantities, about 1500 different models, focusing mainly on post-war cars.

This new service is not meant to be compared to existing specialised sites, dedicated to one make or even to one model ; instead, this tool is designed to be quick, simple to use, and synthetic. You will get immediate answer to many questions such as : how many Aston-Martin DB5 have been built ? How many versions for the Jensen Interceptor ? Is the Lamborghini Islero more rare than the Miura ? What are the key characteristics of the first Porsche 356 ?

We are confident that our competencies and experience are a value to our customers. This database is a work in progress, and will be completed with time. Thank you for your feed-back on any mistake or missing information. 

To access the Autodrome Database, just click on the AUTODROME checkered flag. Enjoy the visit !


AUTODROME’s reputation, built through four decades, is based on a very unique way of doing business, where mutual trust is a key value. We have established long-term relations with our clients and partners, fostered by a shared enthusiasm for classic and performance cars. As a result, we are proud of providing our clients with the very best examples of prestige and sports cars available on the market.

AUTODROME has a triple expertise :

- Autodrome has been exclusive French importer for Pagani Automobili since 1999.

- We buy & sell Classic Automobiles, specialising in classic Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Lancia, Aston-Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, as well as sports and luxury modern cars.

- We sell new cars : Lamborghini, Ferrari, amongst others. With our 35-year experience, we offer the best advice and support for such investments, with excellent payment conditions. AUTODROME has excellent, long-standing relations with the Sant'Agata plant and takes your order for your new Lamborghini and Ferrari.

We select only the best opportunities, based on careful maintenance, history, rarity or price-to-value ratio. Autodrome provides cars in mint condition, or extremely rare, and always with expert advice to optimise your investment. Legends become available at surprisingly realistic prices, making it possible for you to enjoy the best of Classics, technology, luxury and style, whilst wisely investing your money.

Welcome to Autodrome ! 

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Your classic for sale ? Autodrome Cannes buys Lamborghini, Ferrari, Lotus Europe S1, Maserati, De Tomaso Mangusta.

A few classic cars that you may have bought from AUTODROME...

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