LAMBORGHINI Motorcycle 1000 cc engineered by Boxer-Bikes and Claude Fior for sale at AUTODROME PARIS







1000 cc - Complete and road legal


Only a handful ever built ; hardly about ten are known to exist today


An impossibly rare 1000 cc Lamborghini Motorbike designed in collaboration between Lamborghini and French hi-tech racing bike constructor Boxer-Bikes.


Boxer Bikes has been famous since the seventies for their racing and sophisticated motorbikes, hand-built with extensive use of aerospace-technology, ultra lightweight frames and offering the highest performance on two wheels. In 1986, when Lamborghini decided that a motorbike would bear their name, Boxer was chosen as the only partner capable of building the most desirable and advanced motorbike of the period : the Lamborghini Design 90, powered by a state-of-the-art, 4-cam, 4 valve per cylinder straight-4 engine. 

The price asked when this machine was presented was twice as high as the one of the most famous high-end motorbike of the period. This factor, in addition to the availability in extremely limited series contributed the myth of "the Lamborghini motorcycle". As specialists know, Chief Engineer for this bike was Claude Fior, famous for his unique high-tech racing bikes, and who unfortunately died too young in 2001. Claude Fior also created many technical new systems for racing bikes. The most famous was the double-triangle front suspension, comparable to racing cars fully adjustable suspension (for more about Claude Fior please see here below).


Period advertisement highlights the advanced technology of Lamborghini motorbike


With 140 BHP and less than 180 kg, a radical and voluptuous style, this motorcycle was only a dream for millions of Lamborghini and motorbike enthusiasts. The consensus is that probably only five or six of these exclusive motorbikes were ever built as Lamborghini Type with the complete fibre-glass aerodynamic bodywork, sharing the same inspiration as the world-famous "25th Anniversary" Countach.

The concept of this motorcycle is dramatically different from what was the standard at this period: the frame is all hand-made from light alloy square tubes, assembled with aerospace welding techniques. Even the fuel tank is in aluminum for lighter weight. Furthermore, front and rear suspension angles are adjustable - a typical racing specification, very unique for a road-bike - and many parts are made from solid machined ultra-light alloy.

All elements are of racing or high-end provenance, like the Brembo Gold-Series brakes, and the Fournalès "air-oil" rear suspension. This rear suspension system is of the highest technology, using the elasticity of compressed air as a spring, and thick oil flowing through calibrated holes as damping system.


The very advanced aerospace-alloy frame of the Boxer-Bike Lamborghini


The removable rear seat cover allows taking a passenger for an occasional ride. Seat is finished in real leather, which is rare on motorcycles and adds to the exclusive character of the Lamborghini Design 90. All in all, including partly "Lamborghinised" Boxer versions, around fifteen Lamborghini-Boxer motorcycles are known to exist. The most sought after examples are the full-Lamborghini versions which boast the complete spectacular aerodynamic fairing.


Left : Autodrome presentation of the 900 cc version at Paris Rétromobile 2008.

Right : Motoring magazine discovers Lamborghini super-motorcycle


The 1000 cc Lamborghini Motorcycle for sale



The machine that we are presenting is complete (with constructor plate indicating Lamborghini type and chassis #) and in a remarkable condition. This opportunity will not repeat. Our 900 cc example, exhibited at the Schlumpf Museum) is now sold. But this 1000 cc example is still available at Autodrome Paris. This historically important motorbike will be a precious addition to any collection of "golden age" classic Lamborghini. Riding such a rare and excelusive motorbike is an absolutely thrilling experience.






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BOXER-BIKES, the advanced racing motorbikes engineering firm behind the Lamborghini Motorcyle

Boxer-Bikes' Claude Fior (1955-2001): an engineering genius

Engineer Claude Fior with his masterwork : the FIOR 500, with Formula-1 type front suspension (protected by US patents).


Claude Fior was a highly gifted French racing engineer who didn't hesitate to question established rules. He created and developped leading-edge technologies, and even revolutionnary new designs. The most famous are the innovative suspension systems that he developped in collaboration with makes like Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, and of course Boxer-Bikes.


The incredibly advanced Fior 500, raced by Marco Gentile at the Grand Prix of Japan 1988.

The engine is a liquid-cooled two-stroke in-line four, delivering 150bhp at 12,300rpm


Another very innovative front suspension, developped by Claude Fior for the Yamaha 1100 S (1980).


Claude Fior was also an excellent racing driver, and participated in many intrernational races, including three times the 24 heures du Mans (winner "in Silhouette" class in 1979). He sadly died in a plane crash, on December 13, 2001 at the age of only 46. For his numerous technical innovations for racing motorcycles, for his decisive contribution to Boxer-Bikes, but also for his strong personnality, Claude Fior will remain one of the most important motorbike engineers.


Claude Fior on the Paul Ricard circuit (1981)

Two classic Lamborghini masterworks: the spectacular Design 90 Motorcycle (here the 900 cc version)

and the one-off Miura SVJ Spider, ex-property of Autodrome (1981 Geneva Motor Show)


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