ZONDA C12 S (2001)

You never follow the crowd...instead you show the way. That's how you stay ahead. Your philosophy fits Pagani's ambition : if we can do better than everybody else, then we have to do it. Here is the result : the best car in the world, by all criteria, the Zonda C12 S.

Here is the conclusion of the road-test done by EVO (the Magazine of High-performance Cars), that has rated the Zonda  "Car of the Year" in 2001.

"The Zonda's AMG Mercedes V12 feels unstressed, unburstable, like there is lot, lot more to come.  The Lambo V12, now stretched to 6.2 litre, feels like its reaching the end of its development life. The Zonda V12 is creamy by comparison, but no less furious."

"We kind of expected that the Zonda's carbon fibre body and tight weight to confer major advantages, and they did. The zonda is all your supercar fantasies rolled up into one. Clearly inspired by the McLaren F1, it hits the jackpot by delivering similar engineering and thrills for half the price. The lightness and strenght of the carbon body give a tremendous feeling of integrity and the car is astonishingly easy to drive, which means the mighty performance is remarkably exploitable."