First presentation of the PAGANI Zonda 7.3 l. in France by Autodrome at the Paris Motor Show.


AUTODROME displayed two C12 S 7.3-litre at the Paris Motor Show (see below) : one was finished in silver, the other in electric blue (the traditional coulours of Pagani). The silver one was right-hand drive, and will be delivered to a UK customer.

The blue car, presented on a rotating plate, was missing from the Show during a couple of days : the French director Luc Besson had borrowed for the shooting of his next movie "Michel Vaillant" (inspired from the cartoon series), where the Vaillante of the hero will electric blue Zonda !



Under the spotlights, the silver C12 S reveals an astonishing palette of shades, from silver to sand white and to deep black, enhancing its superbly distinctive shape, which appears  obvious, as if it had been carved by the wind of speed.


The metallic blue Zonda bleu is excitingly flashy, with its looks that strongly suggests outrageous performance.

The clients of PAGANI Automobili and of AUTODROME are very diverse, which gives opportunities of unique encounters...

A journalist told us  : "you would swear that this car can fly..." - but the wings are in effect designed to contribute to the phenomenal road-handling of the Pagani.

Claude LEVY, Managing Director of AUTODROME, is proud of having been the first one to promote the Pagani out of Italy : AUTODROME was indeed the very first importer that Horacio Pagani trusted and appointed to represent the marque in 1999.

The finish is breathtaking, in every respect : supple leather, hand-sewn nubuck, comfortable wool carpets... "magic" Horacio Pagani, thanks to its towering command of composite materials, has managed to combine the lightest structure of all super-cars with a divine luxury.

Interior of the door : carbon fiber, leather and nubuck: a superb finish, ultra-light and functional.

The Commendatore Horacio Pagani, founder and managing Director of PAGANI Automobili in discussion with Claude Levy, Managing Director of Autodrome, and importer of Automobili Pagani.

All about the new 7.3 litre version of the fabulous Zonda (as presented at the Geneva 2002 motor show)


A last glance at the Zonda, when the vistors have drifted this car the most beautiful in the world ?

To be continued...